Archives: December 2015

Future of M2M and network technologies

Our mobile PERS devices rely on machine-to-machine (M2M) technologies and cellular networks to quickly connect users to help. We are focused on the evolutions of M2M technology and cellular networks to ensure that our products are using the most reliable technologies.

Fluctuating blood pressure

Sandra* was at home when her blood pressure began fluctuating. She pressed her eResponder button and spoke with AvantGuard team member Mariah, explaining how she was feeling.

Extra time to say goodbye

Janet*, an elderly woman, was alone at home when she suddenly slipped and fell in her kitchen. Janet was unable to get up, but she remembered the 2-way medical device her children had purchased for her.

Why add mPERS to your DME/HME business?

When you are in the DME/HME field, your existing customers are perfect candidates for Freeus mobile personal emergency response systems (mPERS) because they are already focused on quality products that help them live more comfortable and independent lives.