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Collision catastrophe

Mark’s* windshield wipers worked furiously against the downpour as he drove. He leaned forward in his seat, trying to see the wet road lanes more clearly. “I hope it doesn’t rain on our wedding,” Mark’s fiancee, Amy, said as she stared out the window.

Signs of a stroke

Everything seemed peaceful the night before for Tom*. As per his usual routine, he had settled in for the night and was finishing reading an article from the newspaper. Once the story came to a close, he turned off his bedside lamp and drifted off to sleep.

Oxygen tank explosion

Ray* noticed that the oxygen tube that runs to his nose wasn’t connected to the regulator on the tank. He said it happens all of the time with all of his tanks, so putting the tube back in the tank didn’t seem like a big deal.

Saved through fall detection

“Barbara*, this is Kaleb, do you need help?” Kaleb, an AvantGuard operator, received an emergency signal when the fall detection sensor on Barbara’s Belle+ device went off. But when he tried to reach her, he was met with silence.