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Voices in her head

The voices in Elizabeth’s* head were getting worse, and the pain was steadily increasing. Even with her boyfriend Christopher there, she couldn’t keep the voices at bay.

Trapped after an earthquake

Alaska – Ida* placed her Belle device around her neck like she did every morning, then made her way to the kitchen to get some coffee. Not long after, coffee in hand, she felt the floor begin to rumble beneath her.

An allergic episode

“It couldn’t have been the chicken, could it?” Amelia* thought as she struggled to breathe. But that was all she had eaten for dinner. She thought it was safe, but the allergic reaction she was having seemed to prove differently.

A hot Texas night

It was in the middle of a hot Texas night when Laura* awoke to get herself a glass of water. She pulled her covers off to reveal feet covered in silky smooth socks and swung her legs off the bed.