Becklar Launches Suite of Safety Solutions and Technology for Enterprise Customers

OGDEN, Utah, April 12, 2022-
Becklar, the parent company of Freeus and AvantGuard Monitoring Centers, announces the launch of their expanded brand strategy and new website, delivering a comprehensive suite of lifesaving and life enhancing safety solutions and technologies for their enterprise customers.

The demand for integrated safety solutions continues to rise with increasing insurance rates, the need for improvements to personal protection from violent crime, new legislation, increasing employee demands for better protection at work, and the costs associated with an aging population.

Becklar’s complete integrated suite of connected personal and workforce safety, health, and wellness solutions offer possibilities to support and protect corporate customers, employees, subscribers, and assets. Becklar’s flexible platform of services is supported by an AI-powered engagement platform and advanced monitoring services that can be customized to different use cases and industries including:

  • Fire & Security Protection– Award-winning, customizable monitoring solutions designed to protect commercial and residential property from fire and theft 24/7.
  • Mobile Personal Emergency Response Systems (mPERS) – End-to-end mPERS solution with industry-leading, cellular and Bluetooth-enabled devices that provide 2-way communication and help at the push of a button.
  • Vitals Monitoring – Remote Patient Vitals Monitoring (RPM) software and multipurpose devices that integrate seamlessly with medical devices, care management platforms and clinical call centers.
  • Connected Wellness – Proactive solutions to support better health and wellness using multipurpose devices and/or applications that gather critical information and automatically connects with professional monitoring when needed.
  • Workforce Safety – Flexible, end-to-end enterprise and individual solutions that protect people working alone, at height or in other dangerous work environments with a dedicated, customized device and/or app to provide immediate help when a fall is detected or a scheduled check-in is missed.
  • Personal Safety – Discrete connected apps and/or devices that protect people by alerting personal contacts or a professional monitoring center when necessary.

Steve Richards, Becklar CEO, shared, “We’re proud of our team of recognized leaders with deep industry expertise and an average of 20 years’ experience in their respective fields. Our people care deeply about the work we do and the individuals we serve, and our culture of innovation attracts amazing talent focused on making the world a safer place.”

CTO, Tyle Tribe added, “Our expertise and innovative solutions provide enterprise customers with a one-stop shop for embedded value-added services for their corporate customers, for the safety of their employees and assets, and to protect their customers’ employees and assets.”

Learn more about Becklar’s suite of connected safety solutions for enterprises and individuals at