New for Belle+: Fall detection alarm canceling

Posted on October 18th, 2018

New Belle+ alert pendants are now available with a brand new feature: fall detection alarm canceling. 

This feature enables your customers to cancel an alarm if they do not need assistance or if it is a false alarm, and they will not connect with a care specialist.

If Belle+ detects a fall, customers will now hear the recording, “Fall detected, hold SOS button to cancel.”

If customers do not need assistance or if it is a false alarm, they can press the SOS/call button within a few seconds to cancel the alarm, and they will not be connected with a care specialist. If the alarm is canceled, customers will hear the recording, “Fall detection canceled.”

It is not necessary to cancel a false alarm, and care specialists are always available to assist your customers. Customers should always press their Belle+ button if help is needed.

There is also an explanatory PDF in the “How fall detection works” folder within the Belle+ marketing materials folder that dealers can provide to their customers, and customers with Belle+ devices with fall detection cancellation will also receive the explanatory sheet in their product box.

Please contact to request the fall detection cancellation feature.