Reduce your support calls!

Posted on July 11th, 2015

When your customers’ Freeus mPERS devices have low batteries or power down, it can cause problems for them and increase support calls for you.

A simple, automatic way for your customers to know when to charge their devices and help reduce your support calls is to add contact information for users and caregivers to your customers’ accounts using your Orion Dealer account.

When you add contact phone numbers and email addresses to your customers’ accounts, your customers and their loved ones can receive automatic email and/or text message alerts when their mPERS device battery is low, enabling them to charge their device and continue to have it easily accessible if an emergency arises.

Log into your Orion Dealer account, click Customers, and click “View” in the “Contacts and Alert Settings” column to add contacts to a customer’s account.

You can also make sure that your business name, support email address and support telephone number appear in low battery and power off email alerts for your customers. Click here to learn more.

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