Marketing assistance from Freeus

Posted on August 21st, 2015

At Freeus, we strive to help our PERS dealers grow their businesses, and one way we do that is by offering complimentary customized marketing materials!

Whether you need customized brochures to use as billing inserts for potential customers; images, videos and product information for your website; an ad for a local magazine or a referral form, Freeus has you covered!

Freeus dealers can receive complimentary print-ready product brochures, print ads, referral forms and new customer registration forms, all customized with their logo and contact information to make it even easier to market their Freeus mPERS products.

Dealers can also download product and lifestyle images and embed Freeus videos customized with their logo on their websites. Dealers can get customized radio ads for an additional fee, as well.

To access marketing materials, log into your Orion Dealer account and click Help, then click Download Marketing Materials for your selected product. To receive customized materials, email us at!

If you are not yet a Freeus dealer, learn more about how Freeus wholesale mobile PERS products can help your business.