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Freeus mobile PERS devices (mPERS) help connect older adults to emergency assistance at home and away from home.

Benefits for Freeus mPERS dealers & distributors

As one of the leaders in the mPERS industry, our dealers and distributors have a sales advantage because our mobile personal emergency response systems are:


  • Our mobile personal emergency response systems are great for anyone looking for a fast connection to help, and they are small, lightweight and very easy to use: Just one button connects to care specialists.


  • Our mPERS work without a landline and instead use cellular signal, so users have more freedom of mobility, both inside of their home as well as away from home. In addition, no base station is needed- Freeus devices are fully self-contained, with a speaker and microphone built into the unit.


  • Freeus mPERS device pricing enables dealers to break-even more quickly than with traditional PERS systems.

Helping mPERS dealers easily manage customers’ Freeus devices

As one of the fastest growing mPERS businesses in the United States, Freeus has developed the robust and streamlined Orion cloud-based platform. This platform allows our personal emergency response system dealers to quickly and easily manage their customers’ Freeus devices.

With the Orion platform, mPERS dealers can:

  • Manage all customer devices in one place
  • Activate devices using the Orion API, bulk upload or through the Orion dashboard
  • Download reports of customer devices
  • Quickly order products and accessories
  • Easily replace and reassign devices and update device information
  • Download product images and information and request complimentary customized marketing materials

Freeus works with countless mobile PERS dealers throughout the United States. If you are an mPERS dealer interested in learning more about how Freeus mobile personal emergency response devices can help your business, contact us today at