Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote Patient Vitals Monitoring solutions from Freeus can help accelerate patient engagement and reduce costs.

Patient engagement is a critical factor in the success of any healthcare regimen. Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) is viewed as one of the top solutions for improving patient engagement by 69% of healthcare professionals. RPM gives patients access to care altering technology that collects and transmits real-time data to their provider, resulting in lower costs, increased interaction, and improved patient outcomes. 

Better patient engagement solutions can help improve overall patient health, leading to a 64% decrease in unplanned hospital charges and improve care coordinator utilization rate by as much as 50%. This ultimately leads to improved HCAHPS scores for hospitals and overall better care for patients.

How Freeus RPM Works

Even with all the right systems in place, if patients are not consistently taking their readings, an RPM program will not be successful. New innovative technology and services from Freeus can help augment your current RPM solution, or get you started quickly with end-to-end capabilities to better serve your patients.


The new Freeus Connectivity Hub provides multiple capabilities from a single, dedicated, mobile device to make it easier for patients to stay engaged and compliant with their program. These capabilities include: 

  • Automatically paired with industry-leading medical devices from Indie Health out-of-the-box. No set up or app download required.
  • Innovative, open APIs to allow data to be passed easily from the Hub to care management platforms.
  • Allow direct, two-way communication between patients and care coordinators at the touch of a button. 
  • Add peace-of-mind by using the Hub as a mobile personal safety device (with fall detection, activity monitoring, geofencing and more) to get help when needed 24/7.


The Freeus Connectivity Hub is managed by the Freeus Engagement Platform which uses highly customizable AI to send proactive voice reminders to patients to take their reading, or when readings are out of range.  The user-friendly voice makes the patient experience as real as possible, and can be sent to them based on the parameters you set.

This solution helps remove or minimize the time care coordinators spend on routine tasks and placing calls that are left unanswered.  Their productivity can be maximized by having calls sent directly to them once the patient is ready to engage, or when their readings are out of range. 

All of these lead to better patient engagement, and compliance, which leads to greater revenue.


The Freeus Engagement Platform is open and flexible and makes it easy to connect to any clinical or non-clinical call center of your choice, with pre-built integrations to some of the leading solutions on the market.

Freeus can help you provide superior response time to your callers by leveraging AI for outbound calls to help reduce the number of calls that care coordinators make to busy signals or non-responses.  You will see improvements in efficiency and productivity by having AI tools place outbound calls and connect Care Coordinators to patients that are ready to speak with them.


User errors, troubles with network reliability, and the technical proficiency of users are common issues that can hinder the success of any RPM solution.  Freeus RPM solutions help to eliminate patient stress associated with connectivity with a flexible solution that is easy to use and helps improve engagement which is critical for a successful RPM program.

Freeus offers a flexible, plug-and-play solution across key components of the RPM ecosystem to help augment your existing solutions, or provide and end-to-end solution to get you started quickly, and improve patient engagement and compliance, while simultaneously improving staff productivity and reducing costs.

How Freeus Remote Patient Monitoring benefits your business and customers.

  • Easy-to-use pre-integrated with medical devices – upload readings out-of-the-box
  • Lower costs for patients, increased interaction with healthcare providers
  • Open APIs – simple integration with are management platforms
  • Direct two-way voice communication between care coordinators and patients
  • Pre-configured AI technology improves patients engagement & reduces cost
  • Market-leading personal safety & monitoring for added peace of mind 
  • Superior fall detection, geofencing, activity tracking, and more