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“What if my subscriber needs help and does not speak English?”

Posted October 7, 2019

We are proud to offer complimentary multilingual services to subscribers through our sister company, AvantGuard Monitoring Centers.

When activating a device for a subscriber, Freeus dealers can specify the subscriber’s language in the Language field or by entering it into the Special Instructions field in Orion. This information is visible to AvantGuard operators when subscribers press their button.

If a subscriber presses the device button, the operator will first communicate with the individual in English, in case it can be understood that help is needed.

If another language is needed, the operator will determine if the individual’s language is available in-house among the many bilingual AvantGuard operators.  If so, the call may be quickly transferred to an AvantGuard operator who speaks the subscriber’s language. 

If the subscriber’s language is not available in-house, the operator will initiate a Language Line service directly through the device. The operator will stay on the line with the subscriber and the Language Line to send emergency services or loved ones to the subscriber as needed.

If you have any questions about Freeus language services, please contact