Offer peace of mind to military personnel

with Freeus personal safety devices.

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Offer military personnel peace of mind with fast access to help with the press of a button, two-way voice and vast cellular coverage across the US with Freeus mobile personal safety devices.

Freeus is an award-winning wholesale provider of innovative personal safety devices. Freeus devices connect with expert care specialists 24/7 via two-way voice, indoors and outdoors across the US where there is applicable cellular coverage.

Freeus devices include GPS and WiFi location services and feature long-lasting rechargeable batteries, and can be located on-demand online.

How Freeus personal safety devices benefit military personnel

  • Simple to use: just one button to press for military personnel to reach expert operators 24/7 at our UL-Listed, TMA Five Diamond Certified central station anywhere in the US there is cell coverage.
  • Operators can locate users and send emergency services or a designated support team to assist, or they can simply stay on the line to provide peace of mind as a customer walks to a safe location
  • Cellular technology: no landline or base station is required.
  • Low-maintenance and water-resistant devices with long-lasting rechargeable batteries and simple charging cradles.
  • Includes a lanyard and belt clip, with additional pouch available, for a variety of carrying options.

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