Freeus Partners

Freeus is proud to partner with high caliber, service-oriented organizations to provide our dealers and their customers with the best in mobile PERS solutions.

AvantGuard Monitoring Centers is the industry leader in PERS monitoring and features two geographically redundant, UL-Listed, TMA Five Diamond Certified central stations with operators fully trained in answering PERS calls.

AvantGuard operates two 100% redundant UL-Listed central stations and uses an exclusive toll-free reroute system to reach both central stations. Both central stations are staffed 24/7 to support your customers. AvantGuard technology includes:

• Auto-start engine driven generators with multiple fuel sources

• Redundant wide-area network circuits connecting our facilities

• Mirrored SurGard System III receivers

• 5-way redundancy between our Stages by SGS automation servers

AvantGuard develops customized procedures for answering mobile PERS calls, enabling customers to receive help quickly. AvantGuard provides continuous training to ensure operators are up to speed on all of the latest innovations in the industry.

AvantGuard is committed to answering calls quickly and accurately, and the Quality Assurance department constantly evaluates operator performance, ensuring that all team members meet high standards of service. AvantGuard’s systems and procedures enable all team members to deliver consistently high quality service.

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Freeus products are certified on the Verizon 4G LTE network.

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Nationwide wireless network coverage from AT&T supports Freeus products.