Offer customers freedom

with Freeus mobile medical alert devices.

Freeus mobile medical alerts expand your customers’ mobility and peace of mind.

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Freeus mPERS devices offer your customers freedom and independence by enabling them to reach help with the press of a button at home, at the store and across the country. 

Freeus devices do not need a landline or base station, and they are water-resistant ad offer long-lasting rechargeable batteries.

Freeus mobile PERS use GPS and WiFi location technology and enable dealers to increase RMR and margins without increasing customer support calls.

Freeus mobile medical alerts can also provide increased value to your healthcare patients and reduce hospital readmissions.

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How Freeus mPERS benefit your medical alert business

  • Freeus mPERS are extremely reliable and are easy to set up
  • Freeus medical alerts are simple for your customers to use and have high customer satisfaction rates and low churn
  • Freeus offers a complete mPERS ecosystem, including hardware, service, sales and support training and marketing materials
  • Low hardware pricing and all-inclusive service fees help you break-even more quickly than with traditional PERs and increase your ROI
  • Freeus devices connect to our UL-Listed, TMA Five Diamond Certified central station 24/7
  • Expert PERS operators answer your customers’ calls with your business name and provide exceptional service
  • Our hyper-redundant proprietary Orion platform powers Freeus devices and offers a single location to help you manage your mPERS business.

Benefits of Freeus mPERS devices for your customers

  • Freedom: Customers can use at home, at the store and on vacation
  • Freeus pendants are certified on AT&T and Verizon 4G LTE and work anywhere in the United States where there is applicable cellular coverage
  • Users can be located with WiFi location technology
  • Expert operators can send loved ones or emergency personnel to your customers
  • No landline or base station is needed: the unit has a speaker and microphone built in
  • Freeus mPERS feature long-lasting rechargeable batteries and come with simple charging cradles
  • Water-resistant devices
  • Reliable and simple to use: just one button to press for help
  • Belle lasts up to 30 days per charge and includes WiFi location services
  • Belle+ includes fall detection, GPS and WiFi location services and can be located on-demand online

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