Revolutionary Mobile PERS

About Freeus Products

Freeus is focused on developing innovative wholesale mobile personal emergency response systems (mPERS) and safety solutions that offer peace of mind.

Freeus mobile medical alerts are certified on AT&T and Verizon 4G LTE networks and work at home and away from home and offer two-way voice communication at the press of a button with expert operators at a UL-Listed, TMA Five Diamond Certified central station around the clock.

Freeus devices feature long-lasting rechargeable batteries and durable hardware. No landline or base station is needed.

Freeus sells mobile PERS through authorized dealers across the country. Learn more about the Freeus wholesale dealer program.

If you would like to purchase a Freeus product for yourself or a loved one, please complete this form to receive assistance from an authorized Freeus dealer.

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Freeus products use cellular signal to transmit calls. No additional cellular contracts are needed: cellular service is included in the monthly service fee.

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Award-winning IoT Platform

A Hyper-Redundant System

Freeus’s award-winning IoT Platform offers the unique integration of groundbreaking AI with our innovative mPERS products, seamless integration with our award-winning monitoring center, and a fully customizable PERS experience for your customers.

Freeus IoT Platform Dealer Portal

The Freeus IoT Platform Dealer Portal offers a centralized web portal to manage their customers’ devices 24/7. 

Here, dealers can view overall metrics about their business, dive deep into data with filters, and manage customer device settings with a single simple interface.

The Dealer Portal also features:

  • Remote Device Management: Assign devices to new customers, replace devices, and update customer and contact information in one place.
  • Customize Device Settings: From optional fall detection to our caregiver mobile app to selecting different operating modes, Freeus offers you the ability to tailor your customers’ mPERS devices to their unique needs.
  • PERS University: Our exclusive PERS University includes training videos and one-on-one guidance to help maximize your PERS business's potential.
  • Continuous Updates: Freeus is continually updating our IoT platform to better serve our dealers and their customers.

Freeus IoT Platform Features

The Freeus IoT Platform powers Freeus mobile personal emergency response system products.

  • Our innovative Automated Virtual Assistant, AVA, answers calls quickly and provides a greater level of care for customers. 
  • Freeus offers a robust mix of location technologies in our mPERS products, including exclusive WiFi location technology, GPS, and cellular triangulation. 
  • Our IoT platform’s proprietary algorithm determines whether the mPERS user is at home, enabling quicker dispatch by care specialists.
  • Our proprietary fall detection algorithm works to eliminate false alarms and accurately detect real life-threatening falls, and automatically connect users with the monitoring center if a fall is detected.

Freeus IoT Platform and AvantGuard Monitoring Centers

The Freeus IoT Platform seamlessly communicates with our fellow Becklar company AvantGuard Monitoring Centers to ensure that when the button is pressed on a Freeus device, an expert operator is quickly connected with the user around the clock to provide assistance.

AvantGuard is a UL-Listed, TMA 5 Diamond Certified central station. AvantGuard maintains multiple central station monitoring facilities to protect users.

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