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Freeus is an award-winning wholesale provider of mobile PERS & safety solutions

Belle mobile medical alert pendant is certified on the Verizon and AT&T 4G LTE networks! Belle features up to a 30-day battery life and enables your customers to have the confidence to explore and still reach assistance at home and away, anywhere in the US with 4G LTE coverage.

Belle+: Give your customers confidence to get out and do what they love

Belle+ mobile medical alert pendant with fall detection and GPS offers your customers confidence to live life on their terms, with the comfort of getting help if needed, anytime and anywhere in the US with AT&T 3G coverage.

Whether your customers are 29 or 89, freedom to live life on their own terms is as important as the air they breathe.

Amber’s story: Learn how a Freeus emergency alert pendant helped save a young woman with a rare medical condition.

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Orion: The hyper-redundant platform

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The difference lies in our award-winning cloud-based platform

Orion is a proprietary IoT platform that seamlessly integrates Freeus mPERS devices with cellular networks and authorized central stations.
In addition to fueling the functionality of these devices, Orion also offers tools to help dealers manage their business.

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