What are PERS and mPERS?

Posted on July 23rd, 2018

Many wholesale personal alarm dealers are frequently asked, “What are PERS? What are mPERS or mobile PERS?”

These acronyms stand for Personal Emergency Response Systems and Mobile Personal Emergency Response Systems.

PERS and mPERS are medical alert devices with a button that customers can press anytime to receive assistance.

PERS work in and around the home, and require the user to communicate with the monitoring center through a base station. PERS usually require a landline or Voice Over IP (VoIP) line.

Mobile PERS, or mPERS, are self-contained pendants that enable users to speak with expert monitoring center operators via two-way voice through the unit, anywhere there is cellular coverage.

Freeus develops Belle and Belle+ wholesale mobile medical alert pendants, which provide 24 hour support for seniors at the press of a button, both at home and away from home across the US.

Freeus Belle and Belle+ emergency alert pendants are certified on the AT&T and Verizon 4G LTE networks. Click here to check coverage.

Belle and Belle+ wholesale personal alarm pendants are water-resistant and offer long-lasting rechargeable batteries.

The Belle mobile medical alert lasts up to 30 days per charge, the longest battery life available today for a mobile PERS device. It also includes exclusive WiFi location technologies, which help monitoring specialists locate the user and dispatch help quickly in an emergency.

The Belle+ GPS mobile medical alert includes fall detection, GPS and WiFi location technologies.

Freeus mobile PERS devices are sold through authorized dealers nationwide. If you are interested in purchasing a Freeus mPERS device for yourself or a loved one, contact an authorized Freeus dealer.

Not yet a Freeus dealer? Learn more about our wholesale mPERS dealer program.