Freeus Employee Safety Devices for Hospitality

Hospitality employees enjoy peace of mind with Freeus employee safety devices.

Freeus wholesale employee safety devices offer the security of 24/7 assistance at the press of a button, indoors and outdoors.

With the press of one button, hotel employees can speak with expert operators at our UL-Listed, TMA Five Diamond Certified central station. 

Operators can send emergency personnel or call a supervisor to assist, depending on what is needed.

Freeus two-way voice ESDs are self-contained, with powerful speakers and microphones built right in. Complimentary multilingual services are available.

Freeus panic buttons enable expert operators to locate the device indoors and outdoors in an emergency, using GPS and proprietary WiFi location services, 

Freeus emergency alert devices can be located on a mobile app, and they feature long-lasting rechargeable batteries that last up to 7 days per charge. They are compact, durable and water-resistant.

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