Orion IoT Platform

The proprietary, hyper-redundant Orion platform integrates Freeus devices with cellular networks and monitoring centers.
In addition to fueling the functionality of Freeus products, Orion also provides tools to help dealers manage their businesses.

a hyper-redundant system

The award-winning Orion IoT platform is a fully geographic redundant system, with Freeus and Orion data replicated between two geographically distant locations. Orion applications can seamlessly switch from one site to the other as needed without affecting dealers and customers.

Hyper-redundancy is a fail-safe measure designed to protect the operational use and support of Freeus devices and the Orion platform. Watch this video to learn more.

Orion provides dealers with a centralized web-based portal to manage all of their customers’ devices 24/7. Managing user accounts has never been easier with Orion’s time-saving tools that decrease manual workload and improve accuracy, freeing up dealers’ time to focus on revenue-generating activities.

The following benefits are available to dealers to accommodate their needs:

  • Remote Device Management: Reassign devices to new customers, replace devices, and update customer and contact information in one place.
  • Activation Tools: Dealers can choose to activate devices via the Orion API, a bulk upload, or through the dashboard in Orion’s dealer portal.
  • Order Fulfillment Tool: Fast and easy process to place orders for hardware and accessories. Orders are processed and shipped quickly to meet dealers’ timelines.
  • Dealer Marketing Portal: Dealers have access to Freeus text and artwork for promotional purposes, plus an in-house marketing team that creates complimentary customized marketing materials.
  • Continuous Updates: Freeus is continually investing in Orion to better meet dealer and customer needs.

Orion powers Freeus mobile personal emergency response system products.

Using Orion, Freeus mPERS devices send both voice and location data simultaneously to the emergency call center, allowing users to talk to care specialists and receive help around the clock, at home and away. If a Belle user is outside the cellular coverage area, Orion enables devices to dial 911 directly using other compatible area networks.

Features of Orion:

  • Location-Based Services (LBS): LBS is technology that determines user location. Orion incorporates exclusive WiFi location technology into Belle and Belle+. It also utilizes GPS technology in Belle+, which enables caregivers and emergency care specialists to locate Belle+ devices. Devices can be located online or with a free mobile application.
  • Home Indicator: Orion’s proprietary algorithm determines whether the mPERS user is likely at home, enabling quicker dispatch by care specialists.
  • Alert Notifications: Orion sends automatic text message and email notifications to Freeus device users and caregivers for low battery and power off conditions.
  • e911 Technology: Orion features patented location technology that allows care specialists to transfer Belle users directly to 911 operators for phase II locations, and then reconnects the user with specialists when the 911 call ends.

Orion seamlessly communicates with AvantGuard Monitoring Centers to ensure that when the button is pressed on a Freeus device, a competent and kind voice is available around the clock to provide assistance and reassure mPERS users.

Both of AvantGuard’s facilities are UL-Listed, exceeding all of the Underwriters Laboratories stringent requirements for alarm monitoring facilities set forth in UL 827. AvantGuard maintains two central station monitoring facilities to protect users under any circumstance.

The AvantGuard technology includes:

  • Auto-start engine driven generators with multiple fuel sources
  • Redundant wide-area network circuits connecting the facilities
  • Mirrored SurGard System III receivers
  • 5-way redundancy between AvantGuard’s Stages by SGS automation servers